The organizer of the meeting of c4c NHs (National Hub) on March 14-15 was Greece, whose NH is located in Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki was our meeting place this time.

For Saale Koonik, the cycle of meetings began on March 13 with the meeting of the Young Investigator’s Community, where the main topic was self-development of young researchers (mentoring, different working groups) and at the end of the meeting, teamwork was practiced. On March 14, Ruth Piiri and Heli Rajasaar joined Saale.

The participants of the NH meeting were welcomed by Ioannis Kotsiopoulos, General Secretary of Health, Ministry of Health, Greece and Prof. Efstratios Stylianidis, Vice Rector of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece via video bridge. The common theme of the meeting of NHs was the creation of a new association c4c-Sichting (c4c-S) and the sustainability of NHs in the new association. After all, the c4c project will end its activities in April 2024. Also discussed were the results of the c4c Academy (organizes researcher trainings) and the standards prepared for NHs and sites.

Heli Rajasaar participated in the decentralized trial workshop, where one of the options for more successful involvement of the research subjects was discussed, taking the research to the patient's home or to a nearby site. In this case, the patient does not have to go to the hospital for the examination visit, but the visit takes place online, the medication can be obtained from a local pharmacy or the examination nurse makes home visits.

All topics sparked a lively discussion among the meeting participants, and arguments for and against were presented.

In addition to interesting and topical topics, we enjoyed the excellent organization of the event and the hospitality of the Greeks.

The final adventure was leaving Greece due to a strike by transport workers. It was all the more joy to be home again.

What we experienced at the meeting can be summed up using the words of the famous Greek Aristotle: The whole is more than the sum of its parts.