Children are called pharmaceutical orphans as many of the currently used medicines have not been systematically tested for use in children and thus have no paediatric labelling and are used off-label. In the absence of clinical trials data on therapeutic doses for children often stem from the clinical experience of prescribers.

is a network of scientists who aim to find solutions for the above mentioned problems in paediatric pharmacotherapy. ELAV group consists of paediatricians, paediatric nurses, pharmacists, chemists and mathematicians. Our aim is to conduct clinical trials in children guided by the good clinical practice and applicable ethical principles.

ELAV is promoting academic clinical trials, provides expertise in designing, conducting and analysing paediatric clinical trials in Estonia and elsewhere. ELAV is in tight collaboration with other similar networks internationally.

In ELAV web-page you can find information on presentations made by the members of ELAV at international professional meetings. Teaching materials can be found on this website as well.